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What We Offer

All Day Preschool
This program is available to children of parents who are employed outside the home, five days a week, for at least six hours each working day. Two snacks, a lunch, and a preschool curriculum will be provided. (Three and four-year-olds must be potty trained.)


Lambs 0-6 mos.
Koalas 6-12 mos.
Ducks 12-18 mos.
Frogs 18-24 mos.
Giraffes 18-24 mos.
Zebras 2 yrs
Penguins 2 yrs
Bees 3 yrs
Bears 3 yrs
Tigers 4 yrs
After School K-5th

Chapel will be held in the PMH on Wednesday mornings. All students ages 2-4 will attend. Children under 2 will be invited on special occasions. Chapel time will include pledges to the American and Christian flags and the Bible, Bible stories, songs, special guests, and prayers.

We believe that a child forms his early concept of God from the people and experiences that are a part of his environment. God, Christ, and the things God has made are emphasized in our curriculum through appropriate activities.  Bible stories and songs are included in the curriculum that the children may grow in the knowledge of God and His love. However, no formal religious doctrine or beliefs are taught.


  • Breakfast - We do not serve breakfast.  You may bring your child a breakfast that requires no preparation if he/she is here before 7:45. Classes begin their daily routine at 8:00. Snack is served between 9:00 and 9:45.
  • Snacks and Lunches - Menus are posted monthly and planned according to the guidelines set by TDFPS.
  • Snacks - Children will be provided nutritional morning and afternoon snacks each day. No extra snacks are to be sent.
  • Lunches - Children will be provided a lunch.

General Information

  • Birthdays - Parents may bring simple refreshments for snack time if arrangements are made with the teacher in advance. Invitations to birthday parties will be distributed only if there is an invitation for each child in the class.
  • Messages - CDC office personnel will deliver most phone messages unless you need to speak directly to the teacher.
  • Attendance - Consistent and prompt attendance is expected. The office (245-5951) is to be notified when a child will be late or absent.
  • Center Visits - Parents are welcome at the center at anytime.
  • Center Activities and Holiday Parties - Parents are invited to participate in all center activities. Sign up sheets are generally available in each classroom.

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