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FBC Bay City, TX
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Sunday School

We offer Sunday School classes for all ages starting at 9:30 Sunday morning. Please see below for information about the locations of our adult classes. Come join us; we will help you find your place on Sunday morning! And on the way to your class, if you have children or teenagers, we will help you get them to where they need to be too!

 Target Age Group

Class Name Teacher Class Description Room #
Sr. Adult Women Missionary Class Carolyn Welborn Explore the Bible PMH
Sr. Adult Women Gleaners Class Gwen Kirkpatrick Explore the Bible PMH
Senior Adults Faithful Class Duey/Granberry Baptist Press PMH
Adults King's Fishers Bob King Explore the Bible BB202
Adults SOS Class Charles Koenig Gospel Project BB107
Adults Learn the Bible Class Doug Watson Explore the Bible BB104
Adults His Word Class Dave Winters Acts (verse-by-verse Bible study) BB304
Young Couples Home Builders Class Bart Brown Explore the Bible BB204
Ladies - All Ages Ladies Class Melissa Cook Gospel Project Parlor
Men - All Ages Men's Class Lopez/Duminski Explore the Bible BB302

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